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Is Wisconsin Coatings safe for the environment? Are we certified to find and remove lead-based paints from your home? Are our products fire resistant, and if so, how fire resistant? Can our products be used on historic homes? We get asked questions about our products all the time. Here are some of the most common questions we get.

If you have a question that you don’t see here, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and ask!

What is Rhino Shield?

Rhino Shield ceramic coating is a durable, flexible maintenance-free wall coating system with micro-ceramic particles that extend the life of the coating for many years. The high build formula helps to seal out water, insulates, reduces the sun's harmful UVA rays, and resists salt and mildew growth.

Is Rhino Shield Safe for the Environment?

Rhino Shield has always been a green, eco-friendly product. From the beginning, our ceramic coating was designed to be non-toxic, low odor, and safe for skin contact.

Has Rhino Shield Been Scientifically Tested?

The Rhino Shield coating systems are some of the most tested and certified coatings in the market. Continual research and development combined with independent ASTM testing have been the cornerstones of the coating since its development. Laboratories such as BASF, UL, Atlas Labs, and others verify and quantify many benefits and performance numbers.

Are Your Installers Certified to Remove Lead-Based Paints from a Home?

The best job is built on a solid and safe foundation. Yes, our installers are EPA certified to remove or encapsulate harmful lead paint while protecting your home and yard against lead contamination.

Is Rhino Shield Fire Resistant?

Rhino Shield has a Class 'A' fire and smoke rating. In some areas of the country prone to wildfires, buildings with a Class 'A' fire rating may qualify for a discount on their homeowner's insurance.

Can Rhino Shield Be Used on Historic Homes?

Yes! We’re often called upon by historic commissions to protect famous historic homes or buildings. Please see our gallery of historic work. We appreciate the unique aspects of historic buildings including handling delicate exteriors substrates, maintaining surface texture integrity, and ensuring a breathable coating solution for older materials.

How Much Does Rhino Shield Cost?

The price varies based on the amount of preparation work and size of the project. Contact us at 262-327-6261 for a cost estimate.

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